Thursday, October 28, 2021

Classical concerts and opera in Firenze (Florence)

Our operas and concerts have been delighting Florentines and visitors to the region for many years - we are now in our 10th season (please read comments about us on TripAdvisor). The performances have been critically acclaimed by the Washington Post and The Guardian newspapers - as well as by the many thousands we have welcomed in the audiences.

In the beautiful and intimate setting of St Mark’s Church, only a few metres away from the performers, you will be enthralled by the dramatic stories unfolding before you. The performances are complete operas, apart from one or two slight adaptations to suit the intimate setting.

With drinks available to purchase in the interval, an English explanation of the opera at the beginning, and programme notes in Italian, English, French and German, the stage is set for a wonderful and memorable Night at the Opera in Florence!


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  2. My wife and I attended LaTraviata while on vacation in Florence. It was my first live opera and what
    an eye opener. My father listened to the Met on his tinny radio when I was growing up in the 50s and I never understood why. The intimacy of the venue, the power and purity of the voices was stunning and now I realize that he didn't just hear what was broadcast, he was remembering what he had heard live. That night I the music I experienced returned in my dreams as beautiful as it was performed in person