St. Mark's Anglican Church, Via Maggio 18, Firenze

The unique and intimate setting, a jewel of different architectonic styles, creating a very special atmosphere, because it allows the audiences to participate in the performance very close to the artists on comfortable seats (heated church in winter).

Concerto Classico is playing Wendl-Lung pianos from Vienna. If you want to know more about this amazing and reasonable piano, please go to

Dress Code

This is a church, so please dress respectfully. But casual dress is perfectly acceptable.

How to Find Us

The church is part of an old Medici Palace that was owned by Machiavelli, renovated in a neo-renaissance style with beautiful icons.

To find the church, first find the Ponte Vecchio on a map of Florence. The next bridge to the left (west) is the Ponte Santa Trinita. The road that follows south from the Ponte Santa Trinita is Via Maggio, and the church is located about one minute's walk from the river, on the right-hand side.

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